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Learn the basics of 22 languages with the OLS (Online Language Support)

Screenshot from academy.eu.eu homepage

In the context of Erasmus+, OLS stands for “Online Language Support Erasmus+ is a European Union (EU) program that provides opportunities for education, training, and youth activities. The program includes an OLS platform that provides language learning support for students who participate in Erasmus+ mobility activities, such as studying or doing an internship abroad.

The OLS (Online Language Support) platform offers language courses, language assessments, and language exchange opportunities. The language courses are available in 24 different languages and cover various levels, from beginner to advanced. The language assessments are designed to help students determine their language proficiency levels before and after their mobility activities. The language exchange opportunities enable students to practice their language skills with other students from different countries.

The OLS platform is free for all students who participate in Erasmus+ mobility activities and is intended to support their linguistic and cultural preparation for their mobility experiences.

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