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Who can apply for an Erasmus+ Mobility?

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Erasmus+ mobilities are available for individuals who are enrolled in or employed by a higher education institution (university) that is part of the Erasmus+ programme (currently over 1400 organisations/universities) . You can apply for an Erasmus+ Mobility if you are an:

  • Students enrolled in a higher education institution (university, college, etc) that has a valid Erasmus+ Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) in their home country (you can check if your university has an Erasmus+ Charter here.
  • Teaching and administrative staff employed at a higher education institution (HEI) that has a valid ECHE in their home country.
  • Recent graduates who have obtained a higher education degree or vocational education and training (VET) qualification within 12 months prior to the start of the mobility period.

Please note! The eligibility criteria may very depending on the specific call for proposals or programme guide at each HEI. Make sure you check your HEI’s Erasmus+ page on their website to see the eligibility criteria and when you can apply for an Erasmus+ Mobility.

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