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What does Application Status mean for my Erasmus+ application?

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The Application Status on your Erasmus+ applications tells you in witch step your application is. Your Erasmus+ Mobility can be done only after passing through a series of checks, done by the university/organization you apply with. Academica Digital Mobility Platform helps you and the university you apply with to better manage your application and keep track of all the relevant information and documents needed for your application.

What are the main application statuses?

Academica Digital Mobility Management platform uses a simple process for managing Erasmus+ Mobilities. Each status is set after the Erasmus+ representative evaluates your application. You will be notified about any status changes. Your application can have the following statuses:

1. Draft

Application is not yet submitted, and will not be considered for the applications session.

2. Pending Review

Pending review is a confirmation of the fact that your application was successfully received. If the documents uploaded are correct your application status will change to valid, otherwise you will be asked to upload again the documents which are not correct, as your application needs attention.

3. Valid

The application is eligible, all documents uploaded are correct. The participant will soon be informed on the next step.

4. Needs Attention

One or more documents uploaded are not correct or are missing. If the application has this status the participant is asked to check her/his email, log into application account on the platform and upload the requested document(s).

5. Not eligible

The application is not eligible. Please contact Erasmus+ Office more information via email. Contact information can be found on the Erasmus+ Page on the universities’ contact page.

6. Ready for Nomination

Confirmation of the fact that the application was accepted by home university. For staff mobility it means the agreement is ready to be sent to the partner university. For student mobility it means the student will be nominated for the study mobility.

7. Nominated

The student has been nominated to perform a study mobility, the student can start preparing the documents required by the host university.

8. Accepted to perform mobility

The mobility has been accepted by the host university. In order to organise your mobility, you are asked to contact the host.

9. Not active

The mobility the participant applied for was not done (the applicant decided not to continue with the application, the host organisation did nor reply or no acceptance was received).

10. Finalised

Mobility is finalized.

11. Waiting list

Your application has been put on the waiting list.

Alright, so that are the application statuses available on our platform. Hope this helps you better understand the process of applications. If you have any questions regarding the specific information, contact your university

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